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Sincro Sitewatch Ltd Supports the Rotary Dar Marathon

9 members of Sincro’s Dar es Salaam based office staff joined with nearly 13,000 runners, cyclists and walkers to participate in the annual Dar es Salaam Rotary Club marathon on Sunday 14thOctober. The company sponsored all of the Team Sincro entrants from the corporate social responsibility budget. Sincro staff competed in both the 21 km half marathon and in the 7 km walking event, every Sincro participant successfully completed the course with some outstanding performances amongst them. Staff members: Zacharia Mselle, Joaquim Muftah, Nzaro Kimbute, Kibaya Erisania, Eva Mbawala, Emmanuel Kapela, Joamaka Kapusi, Caswel Mahinya, Micheal Mwanga, Boniface Salim,and  Philip Yona formed the core of Team Sincro.

Company CEO Mark Foley manned one of the water points handing out drinking water to the thirsty runners. Sincro are proud supporters of this  Rotary Club event which raises substantial funds for some excellent local community based causes.Rotary in Tanzania recently partnered with CCBRT (Community based Rehabilitation ) Hospital to build a income generating private clinic signifying an important step in transforming CCBRT from a donor dependant organisation to a social enterprise. The new private clinic will tap in a growing demand for quality healthcare from the fast expanding middle class in Tanzania. The clinic’s profit will be invested in the Disability Hospital, improving CCBRT’s overall sustainability.

Currently all disability treatments at the hospital is dependent on grants which are difficult to come by. By constructing and equipping a new facility, CCBRT will increase its capacity to see patients paying for private care and overall profit. In turn, the Private Clinic will cross-subsidize services provided by CCBRT Disability Hospital, ensuring that patients can access affordable high quality health care.

For every two patients seeking care at the Private Clinic, one patient will receive affordable quality health care at the Disability Hospital.

Annually at full capacity, the Private Clinic will generate $2,900,000 profit to invest in the Disability Hospital and will reduce its reliance on donors.

Sincro Sitewatch Ltd believes in the principle that it’s charitable contributions should have a direct beneficial impact upon the people and the environment in the region in which we are operating, The company’s CSR budget gives preference to ethical and environmentally beneficial projects and organisations that are providing sustainable and lasting benefit to the community.